Our Program

Our program offers language immersion in French and Spanish using age appropriate activities based on children’s needs and interests. The school day is conducted in French or Spanish by native speaking educators activating children’s receptive and expressive language skills.

Our Philosophy

Forest Language Preschool believes that children learn best through play. We focus on play as a primary vehicle for young children, encouraging them to develop confidence, create, and explore in depth. It gives them the opportunities to interact with others in social ways and express and control emotions.

At FLP children thrive in a structure freedom. Play is the process of learning and it must be “a constructive play” in order for young children to build their own knowledge.

Piagetian and Vygotskian theories are used to examine the role of play in development and learning from a constructivist perspective, including how children use play to deepen their understanding and skills, encounter new problems, and incorporate newly mastered skills into their play. When children become deeply involved in meaningful play they develop the tools necessary to allow constructive play to happen.

Children learn by being actively engage in various activities to explore and make sense of the world around them. It is through play and through our hands-on approach that we introduce literacy, early mathematics, science and social studies and help develop each child’s enthusiasm for learning and exploration.

Our Mission

Forest Language Preschool’s mission is to immerse children in French/Spanish Language and culture and develop their verbal, motor, social and critical thinking through a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Our daily practices incorporate emergent curriculum which stimulate each child’s unique interests, curiosity and sense of discovery. The program offers children a balance of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day. Imaginative, hands on projects are facilitated by native French/Spanish speaking educator to create an environment that inspire active investigation and invite children to try out theirs ideas.

Our teachers use a variety of approaches to develop children’s language, literacy skills, mathematical thinking through meaningful experiences such as, listening to and reading stories, dictating stories, classroom charts, music, science and pretend play.

We feel it is important that teachers stimulate and extend children’s thinking and learning within child-chosen activities to meet each child’s individual needs, to consolidate knowledge and to move to the next level of functioning.

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